Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mobile app.

To test to try out test drive the capabilities of mobile app and also speech recognition which would be very nice from the band containers of 20 alphabeth only certain kinds of archaic language ah non functional and non representation artifacts cloud drifting by doing something

Sunday, April 3, 2011

right left to your own freakin advices

not that i could even remember or figured up the total distance start to finish as a spotlight passing across the desert only illuminating the present moment the each time anxious about loosing the thread and that, I guess, is the point of the exercise. Passing by or next to it assumes the objective which is clearly not the case of many cases. Just in cases we installed the fire escap-es. Going down is almost always right and what did diddid we think that living so high we'd not get burned. It's go a nack for climbing. Since it was little. Since it began. Makes me wonder how hell is still below. I'd guess the treetops by know. NOW I mean now, now. Pesky thoughts repeat and remind me of the dirty stories of origin forsaken. I'll forsake the story and runa burn up a long rope that disappears behind me. Follow. Stand back. I'll dive into the powder and pow. Wick, I guess. It's alright to imagine. It's alright to a lot of things.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ah ha time to refresh the blog and the the dry time's is high time we we got to the subject of the the things that must be true. Any anxiety surrounding a strategy or implementation indicates something SOMETHING...deos it not. If someone will say that the noise level of the emotional response corresponds to the value of some intrinsic quality...not unless you have and engine that runs on the raising of the voice. Not a bad idea really...reminds me of that "bottling their energy" bull-s. Cars that are powered by overstimulated anxiety generators. Bad fuel and toxic byproducts. Hahaha.

Well, there is a try and I'm out of practice but you got to start somewhere over the rainbow connection synonyms without and the last thing is it's not to move back and forth in time. Just flip back a few pages...or forward.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Guise me to foreshortened horizons. Seemed the sunset was so close and falling. Hard falling sun on the river I drifted on and all around my head and shoulders like that legendary beating. The beating sun. Should life be like drifting, like in the sun and like late in the day. There is only so much a symbol can hold even when correctly spelled and hot under the falling dusk.

Of course imagination offers infinite in forms and in the mist. Is mist so different from matter...but now I'm trying to make a meaning again and it's late. In the day and in the sun long gone but still beating if you think of it. Like your heart, it's beating, down, inside and on the other side. That continuity and that abstract knowledge that came into the boat in childhood. The sun remains and returns even when it's not there. Sunrise and I could quote the time based on another thing I've not yet seen but know of. There is so much for us in the mist and dusk and in the night.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Mindcrunchingsolutionstoproblems. Most of the time is it as if we are at the mercy of some master. Sinister or benevolent. Looking for a place to rest or rage. Resist or surrender. It is not possible for you to understand this writing but you still do and the more clearly I where to explain it and the more understanding you gain the less you practice the content. And if the text seeks to confuse is it not best understood through the experience of confusion. Mispelled. IS IT?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Is it possible not to know what one is doing. Of course. Without a context what one does is just a part of the stream of sense events hurtling down like asteroids. An weak correlation between desire and feedback. The nebulous violence of blind intent.
Then there is the other thing. The place where every event is connected with doers. The doers involve themselves in the story as a way of organizing themselves. At any moment all the doers are seeing and abstracting the actions of the other doers and their abstractions as well. Weaving it all into intentionality and motion. One generated moment to the next. History can belong to us all but we have to become a part of it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Musings on Beauty

You know those moments or days or lifetimes when everything in the world is beautiful enough you could almost make a world out of just experiencing it. Out on the frontiers of my consciousness there is word being sent of a New World. Just as true as any truth can be we all have known the bitterness of disillusionment but now a new and beautiful interpretation begins to Of course certainty and understanding describe states of mind and not always states of being. The oscillation is the rhythm of consciousness and the basis for movement and growth. Praise be and no end in sight. Fear no more, loves.